Why the Woman rejects Husband 


A woman has shocked people in Nyeri Mahiga village the woman rejects husband openly. From pewa.co.ke newsagents, the woman complained about the husband not able to lick the honey jar better like before. She said earlier in their marriage the man was able to throw sharp arrows and hit the honeypot well but recently since the husband started taking alcohol and veve he has become weak in throwing arrows to the right spot.

The woman rejected the husband with complaints that he has become weak in throwing the warm live bullet at the groin spot. It took two days and the woman went to report the matter to her mother. From our report her mother did not say anything but promised to talk to the son in law, she didn’t. She went back home hoping the husband will change for some time, on the contrary, it was like waiting for a river in the desert.


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Things became worse, the woman went to share the family problems with the neighbor “I am having problems in my family, earlier my man was right with the bullets, hitting right and going even 3 rounds but nowadays he 1 shot and a weak one. There is no joy at my house anymore, I am still a freshwoman” she shared with neighbor.

In the very evening, the woman rejects husband and told the neighbors “If he comes back from mama pima let him find me at our home.”The neighbors were left shocked why the woman rejects husband.




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