Who killed Jesus?


    Who killed Jesus? Seated on the front porch with my nephew sipping soya drink and he comes tucks his hands under my right arm, he looks are straight into my eyes and ask me in a slow tone. “Uncle who killed Jesus?’ Am all wide eyes open almost choking on my soya drink. I pause and think for a second wow! That is a deep question as I still try to absorb the question from a seven-year-old. I bring him close and touch his cheeks, looked deep into his eyes and he waited for a ready answer but I had none. I didn’t want to lie and did not want to give an answer that am not sure about so I promised to give him an answer.

    “When?’ He questioned as he smile and look into my eyes

    “Soon and I will tell you who killed Jesus?” I convinced him.

    “Uncle Wilson, who killed Jesus?” He insisted.

    “Ryan your water is ready you need to take a shower right now. Leave uncle alone then come back later.” That was a good break from his mother.

    “I will be back.” He promised as he leaves.

    So there I was left to get a quick answer on who killed Jesus? On my phone, I Google who killed Jesus? Then a response search was did you mean who is Jesus? I realized even Google could not provide the answer. So I had to dig deeper before my nephew comes back for results. I realized some simple things are the hardest things and they tend to be very tougher when confronted with. First, let me ask you who killed Jesus?

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    I called some friends and this was the replies

    • “Jesus was killed with Pilato.”
    • “Jesus killed himself because he could get himself away from those Roman soldiers when he went to pray in the garden of Gethsemane.”
    • “Am not sure who killed Jesus.” Well, so he is like me too I thought.
    • “The Romans killed him”
    • “I think I killed Jesus.” I was curious and so I went on to ask “How do you think you killed Jesus?”

    “By my sins that I committed so I killed him.” Whoops! my units we out so I had to buy from mpesa and make more calls. Shortly it was done and I went on calling one lecturer from the University of Nairobi and he responded this way.

    “Jesus is the Son of God he came with a share of the divinity of the Godhead to save mankind. Jesus could have come like God but many would not have accepted him in that powerful condition so he came inform of mankind to reach mankind, to mingle with mankind and assure mankind that even if you can go through this I Jesus also understand and overcome it…” I had to cut him short because I knew he is a Lecturer in History.

    “So who killed Jesus Exactly?” I interjected him.

    “Yeah the question, Wilson I think Jesus died for me and for you so we killed him. Did I answer your question?”

    “Yeah, I think that will help” I replied. Almost same with one I received earlier

    But all those answers made me feel halfway with the answer. So I had to dig deeper on who killed Jesus. I went through the verse into the Bible that many know it I guess since they were born or something like since they started going to church. Say it Yeah it is John 3:16.

    “For God so Loved the World that He (God) gave His only begotten son. That whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

    Maybe now you can see who killed Jesus in the verse above. Or let’s go through the verse again slowly and microscopically reading it to understand. My Nephew comes running and I scoop him in my arms. I carry him and seat with him, he seems excited I guess because of the shower he has just taken. That is what water does, reviving strength in you and washing off fatigue. Ryan my Nephew looks at me and I understand what he wants but am waiting for the question wait for it wait for it here it comes and there

    “Uncle who killed Jesus?”

    “Oh yeah.” I smile, pretending to have forgotten yet I have been working on it since he left.

    “Ryan it is love that killed Jesus.” I made it short and clear for him to digest. And when I was about to leave he asked me.

    “Love! How did love kill Jesus?”

    I exhaled and smiled to him. “Because of the deep love that God had for the fallen human beings he had to send his only loved son to prove how worthy He (God) loved human being but hated sin. So God had to send his son Jesus Christ to come and die for all mankind. Love killed Jesus.”

    I saw him nod his head in agreement proving that he is convinced.

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    “Uncle how bad is sin?” My Nephew Ryan asked.

    I chuckled and smiled. “Sin is so bad and God hates sin. That is why God the father separated from his only son at the cross and it is evidenced in Mark 15:34 when Jesus Christ cried in the ninth hour. Since Jesus was carrying the sins of everyone in the world, God the father parted from him. Ryan that his how God hates sin.”

    Today Google has many answers on who killed Jesus but now you know the fact of who killed Jesus. You will go anywhere but the answer is the most read bible verse and that is why many know it to heart. Ask anyone Bible verse that s/he knows and you will find out on who killed Jesus.


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