Who Are You?


So saddening that most people don’t know who they are. Again goes the question who are you? Omnivores are people who eat anything without choosing. Healthy living is an influence on the mind and body. The faculty of mind is either renewed or destroyed each day. Self-denial is a paramount for temperate in all things.

One can only be healthy and saved from spiritual and physical health through the correction of nutritional habits, thus restored to health. The virtue of character in eating depends on the regards of principles one has placed to the preparation of healthful foods.  Health is a continual process, good health elevates the soul bad one debase the soul.  If a review of health will be made then an essential view will be achieved.


When we will remain faithful to our self then God will be faithful to us. Looking around, there is sickness everywhere, but bearing in mind the condition of so can be prevented by attention to the laws of health and nutrition.

So close Health is related to our happiness and we cannot have the next life if we can’t keep present life. What we eat does it even glorify God?  Most of our homes have ignored that we are to bring the child in the physiology that is in effect for the adult life, present health to future health. We drift as a boat without knowledge, like a ship at sea that is without compass or anchor and not interested to learn how to keep their bodies in healthy condition and prevent diseases.  Who are you?

Making a choice can be easy, but the process of making the choice is a mile of gold to health. Vegetarians are the type of people whose nutrition and health is based on eating vegetables. White meat like fish and chicken are another added source of protein in their diet. Such sometimes have made it on choice; health issue, religion, or condition (moral) has fixed them to be vegetarians.   Then we have the Vegans, a diet, choice of no animal products and strictly depending on cereals. People in this category depend on nuts and seeds for a source of protein. Green leafy vegetables are also the source of their food.

The category of choice lies with whom we are for what we eat is who we are. If we will not eat food as our medicine, then we will eat medicine as our food.  Many have expected that God will keep them from sickness and such people have no care for themselves. Merely because they have asked God to do so, God will not regard their prayers because their faith was not made perfect by works.  For one to be healthy one must work upon it through diet and it is a process.

There is no miracle to be worked on from sickness who have no care for themselves, but continually violating the laws of health and makes no effort to prevent diseases. If we take a stand, then be assured that blessing of health will follow. The truth is that you can’t eat everything to prevent everything; you can choose to eat some things to gain health. So who are you? What choice have you made? Omnivore, Vegetarian or Vegan those who will gratify their appetite and then suffer because of their eating habits and take drugs which are manufactured of food components that once was rejected or ignored. Be assured that reckless action leads to the same outcome.



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