Trailer bursts into flames passengers escape death

A trailer bursts into flames

A trailer bursts into flames while three passengers escape death narrowly along Nairobi Nakuru highway, following a mechanical fault.The incident happened at 3 am near Gilgil weighbridge, affecting the flow of traffic as motorist saught alternative route.

Speechless, the driver and his passengers watched unbelievingly as the vehicle was reduced to shells as firefighters failed to respond to their urgent call.

Just barely days after passengers were stranded on the section of the road for four hours after a freak accident involved a trailer.

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A witness Abraham Makori narrated how the fire started from the trailer’s engine adding that it spread so fast that it was impossible to put off, the situation was worsened by lack of water and strong wind which funned the fire. “All the three passengers managed to escape before the lorry was burnt down but the cargo was left intact following the incident.”

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However, residents of Kirima village in Naivasha woke up to a rude shock to find the body of area resident lying lifeless outside his house.
the body was discovered by the relatives who informed the police, a smartly dressed man had no physical injuries.

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