Sure Way To Own A House In Kenya

Ways to Own A house

It is a dream that many crave for almost everyone desires to own a house of their choice at a certain age. Many do dream of the plan but the action is one thing of no prime choice. Certainly, a plan needs to be used when one craves to own a house then the craving will stop and the process is a sure way that will get one own a house.  Only when one keeps the face towards the sun and shadow will fall behind. There are some things that one needs to follow in order to make it work owning that house.

  • Advance confidence in self

Many have not placed confidence in them this has made the shadow become a giant in attaining a goal, hope is lost in achieving something. One thing is needed, to add little confidence to self and you will own a house. For this to work put great goals, placing high standards and go as far as you can see you are breaking the ability of self-confidence will be born. People complain they can’t afford to own a house yet they go out every weekend, eat out all the time yet properties will keep shooing up yearly. Others are buying second homes. How do they make it?

Self-denial is an attitude that determines how one can do, how one can achieve the dream to own a house. Through self-denial a crave for the dream is built and the world is full of magical things patiently waiting to be owned.

  • Focus and Now effect

Focus keeping the dream alive by starting immediately a journey is to be achieved. To own a house can be even at 35 years if the journey was started earlier and focused. Denial to be in a room like a box is a road to owning a house. To focus moving out and be your own landlord is born on the now effect. The future starts now for the dreams for tomorrow. All is needed is the plan, the roadmap, the courage to press on to the destination.

  • Planning

It is not money that gets people where they want; it’s the courage and confidence to achieve the dream, self-denial of character built, the focus of now effect and planning to reach the dream. Self-realization is one thing many ignore to understand it brings fruition to the dreams. When owning a home(s) is a dream then planning should be an OK button to own a house. Owning a house is like fixing your eyes to the sky and feels wings grow. Live with possibilities by planning on what is available by starting small and starting today. Through this when the interest becomes a habit to own a house becomes the achievement. Start saving more than before with target to own a house.

  • Cut your coat according to your cloth– how much are at hand in savings start with that.
  • Look for opportunities on home offers around– Such are always around but careful not to fall into outdated ones. Opportunities will always come around when one is ready.
  • Spend within the budget– forget about impulse buying and use the shopping list, spend more when already own a house. Discipline with finances is now a way of life, every expenditure that is not planned for pulls one back from the dream of owning a house.

To own a house is tricky for a single person but working smart is a core value. Couples or those who are in a relationship can easily work on sure ways to own a house. This is because two heads are better than one and efforts of ideas are brought together a combined effort. But the fact is that no mountain is too high no sun is too hot, both can own homes.

Two options on ways to own a house

  • Buying own house, or
  • Building own house

Sure ways to own a house

Since the micro finances in Kenya owning a home is a simple surety to those who dream to own a home. Banks can build you a house if you have land as an asset then the title deed is at their possession until clearance of billing is done through a protocol payment to the bank at agreeable rates that suits the bank and the buyer.

  • Need to have a turnover income for a surety to pay.
  • Good credit to the financial institutions (No Credit Reference Bureau listing).

To own a house through microfinance is also a great step but one has to be either through chamas (private contribution groups) membership and has an active account with microfinance. Low income earning and arduous procedures set by mainstream lenders. like Jamii Bora and Rafiki, Rafiki microfinance has come with ways on how one can build a house with a cost of 1 Million Kenya shillings to rate of 3 Million Kenyan shillings which are payable for a period of 10 years. Such loan is priced at 18 percent interest, the opposite of 23% charged by banks.

For individuals with a land, the microfinance Rafiki finance 100% on construction cost and 70% as an addition to those who do not have land.

Mortgage need is another way to own a house but can cost one through the inflation and increase of interest. One needs to choose the location best before taking a mortgage, low-income level and lack of credit history will be a hindrance to owning a home through mortgage. Central Bank Of Kenya has covered survey that respondents have reported the homes are too high with a mortgage as compared to income level.

Keynote is to own a house is paramount no matter what channel used. Every means is courage that counts for the dreams to be achieved.


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