Some location fare hike as transport paralysed on major town


Operators start countrywide strike on as the Government revisit the “Michuki rule” paralysing major towns with hike of fare on the country. Fare hike as transport paralyse major town country wide.

The cause of transport paralysed is due to the change of act of conduct by the government, every public service vehicle

  • To remove tinted car windows
  • To remove every graffiti
  • To fix speed governor according to the standards required.
  • To have relevant seat belts as required on each seat.
  • Driver and tout or bus conductors to display their photos in the rear of the car.
  • All drivers must undergo testing every two years .
  • Every driver must be on a permanent payroll by the employer.
  • Every car must have a yellow band (line)

Police helicopter was seen hovering over Nairobi and its environs, observe the state of the countrywide strike. Motorcycle pocket some money as they served the transport industry while the following towns hiked fare:

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From Rongai to Nairobi normal fare is 100 to 300 .
Njogoo road _ Hamsa area affected towns are pipeline, Buruburu, Umoja, Donholm . Pipeline from town to Nairobi ksh150-200
Githurai to Central business district -ksh 100 from normal ksh 50

What is the fare hike in your location ? Write a comment below .


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