2019 Profitable Unique Small Business Ideas Making Millionaires


Starting a business is simple but if only you know what you want and ready to go for the business ideas that suit you. Small business ideas can make you millions by starting small and growing big because every journey starts with a step.  If you are willing and ready to keep profits work for you then making millions will be always. There are only two choices in business either:

  • Home based business or
  • Public business.

You will have to choose which is the business that suits you, small, medium or big capital business idea. Kenya is full of opportunities to those entrepreneurs who will see with their mind, opportunities are always there. Some opportunities knock in daily but we ignore them, you are about to find how making millions in Kenya is a step ahead.

Types of home based business ideas

Private caterer

This is among the business ideas you can readily start. You only require your kitchen as a place of your working then have some experience and knowledge of some food recipe that is healthy and unique to cook.

private caterer
Business Ideas of Private caterer

Start with your friends as you first network then, later move to your church. Showing new skills on how to cook some African delicacies and even other meals. You can start by how to bake cakes using yellow sweet potatoes or how to bake yellow bread using yellow sweet potatoes. You can get your first market by offering free lunch. Register people for a fee as they come for new skills.

Jewelry making

If you can only look around, you will realize people like jewels and the market of this kind is not yet explored fully. You only need skills and some income and a homeroom as your place of work. Jewels are in different types e.g. glass, wood, beads, shells. If can be African design or just western design, all in all, this will put you some good income in your pockets. You can even export bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Make jewels that have people’s names. Again start with your friends as your first customers. Jewelry making business ideasDesign fine jewels with their names, this will be irresistible because s/he is your friend and promoting you as a friend will be worthwhile. You can start it at home as part-time and supply to your co-workers, Chama and even family members. Jewelry making is small business ideas that require small capital of about ksh3000 for beads and strings and ink for decoration and scalpel.   A jewel can go for the least price of ksh500. (500X14 friends) = ksh 7000.

Design and Tailoring

Desing and tailoring business ideas

For this profitable business idea, you need a reasonable room or a space like a verandah can work best. Then you have to have the love for fashion and creativity in design. Your first customer will be those who dress your clothes, designer’s curiosity will drive customers to you. You can also train some people to help you for a fee.

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Graphic Designer

This is a freelance business that you can start from home, you only need internet, a super fast computer and knowledge in Graphic designing and off you go. As long as life is here, Graphic designing is forcibly here to stay. Why? Because companies grow, business ideas expand and so will there be demand for new business ideas and designs in the market. You need only time to advertise your brand and bang! You are in for business. Think of working with local news channels, design billboards, book covers, magazine covers, marketing materials, animations,  video scene for 3D graphic design this what makes you unique, roar to international markets, mint millions and open branches while you are at home.

Carpet and Rugs

You can start making carpets and rugs as a small home based business for profit while you wait for a job. You will be shocked how it can become a full-time job that makes you millions due to the demand. There are shops that sell tapestry and needles in Nairobi CBD Muhindi Mbingu street measured meter by meter.

Carpet and Rugs

Types of rugs as business ideas: wall hanging with a sketch of drawings, wedding gift with names “Gladys weds Gilbert”, washroom seat cover rugs. Carpet and rugs will build your business, not a job. From reports, capital for 4meters by 6meters expenses cost ksh4000-ksh5000 selling is 12000-13000 the quality will determine. Sell 3 carpets or rugs how much will you make?

Embroidery Business ideas

Hand Embroidery Work Sample

The art of needlework is far beyond demand, cold seasons need scarfs, and you can make baby booties, School sweaters. Make a contract with the school to deliver sweaters to school, leg warmers like schools in Mount Kenya during cold season they need a scarf, leg warmers, gloves, and sweaters. Take advantage of embroidery business ideas and make the big sale. This art needs only skills and cheap labor.

Home Tuition Services

Parent will do anything to see their children excel in the subject they are weak in. This type of service must be genuine to help a particular child understand the weak subject. If you are done with form four or university and waiting for next step. Starting this will be good as you help and you get paid. Who knows you can get to open your private school, in the long run, both the student benefit and you get paid for service done.

Soap Making

It may seem to be common among business ideas but you can make sales through being different. Think of supplying government, schools, institution. Don’t go hawking that is common, all you have to do is make a different turn.  Get the ingredients and make soap. It requires low capital like 1500 you can get 100% profit for 20 liters. Start small with your neighbors, friends Build a brand, register your company name then see your profits and opportunities knocking. Market to the car wash, cleaning companies, and roar into business.

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer as business ideas
Personal Trainer

People have right to privacy and to think in this channel of a personal trainer as business ideas will be great. You come from home or meet the client at your house for Gym Instructions, Health instructor, swimming trainer, how to lose weight.  Think big in this way of business people want a secret kept.

Home daycare/ Baby Sitting

Some people are very busy with work, classes and even going for shopping and market. They always want to leave their loved ones in safe hands. You can market your business and take care of the child for a fee. It can be a full-time business or part-time. But you will need helping hands as clients increase.

Home Gardening as business ideas

Home Gardening as business idea

When people don’t want their long nails and hands getting dirty, use this business ideas opportunity to start a home gardening business. How? Glad you asked if you have or can find a small land around your home that is idle and virgin. Measuring 12 meters by 7 meters, you can become the millionaire. There is always demand for common vegetables in every Kenyan Kitchen, onions, tomatoes, capsicum and coriander. Prepare your land and buy seeds. Leave a section for a seedbed.  Some packets of seeds are less than ksh500. Your first markets are your friends. Try this and you will see the demand you will not outweigh. In Nairobi, 3 tomatoes cost 20 shillings or even 2 tomatoes. What if you sell 5 tomatoes for ksh30? And you harvest just a small plastic crate, a crate with 500+ tomatoes.

(30 X 500 in portions) = ksh15,000 that is on one vegetable what if it is a mixed crop?


Obtain health certificate before you prepare food as business ideas, not as a living, this is another type of home based business ideas you can start.  Start cooking pilau in your home kitchen and sell food in offices during lunch hours. Pack the food in decent tins and sell to offices. Tea girls will not hate you unless you are selling tea where they are employed to cook tea. Trust me once you deliver a good meal you will need more hands to help and that is how you will be making millions. Make deal with the institution that they allow you at a specific time to be supplying food. They will love you for this because they need to eat and rest during lunch break.  you save them the time of walking from office.  This is how you can make millions.

If in an office they are 40 employees and 30 employees buy your food of pilau or chapatti and some vegetable stew. Per pack is ksh 70 (to the lower price).

Ksh.70 per pack X 30 people = ksh. 2,100 what if your expenses were less than ksh 1000< or ksh1000?

What if your capital, in general, is ksh 5000(on the higher side?) and you make everyday clean ksh1000.

Exclude Sundays or Saturdays or Fridays as days of worship we have, in a month work for 26 days

26 days in a month X ksh1000 daily = ksh 26,000/ month.

26,000 X 12 months in a year = ksh 312,000

Daily fare ksh 250 if distance can’t be covered by walking. (250×26)=6500 per month, subtract the fare expenses and still, you will be making scale in business. If not offices, type of business ideas as this can be used in contraction sites.  You will only spend less than an hour to wait for people to finish eating, and then you have free time back at home.

The simple home business ideas will not need a place to rent so you can start at any time if capital is ready. Some small business ideas will need no great capital to begin. You can make millions with such unique business ideas if you work out wise and in a cautious way. So let’s also see other business ideas below.

Other Profitable business ideas

Property Management Agency

You will realize that as the population grows so does the demand for shelter. Starting a property management agency is  profitable business ideas that needs a decent income to start. This type of business you can start as a family or Chama or even group of loyal friends. Landlords are not happy to knock doors of tenants reminding them of the due date rent.  The good part of this profitable business is that you can manage as many properties as you can, as long as every month you deposit all tenants rents in the owner’s bank account.

Expert Witness Service

This involves experience in legal cases; you match with attorney’s idea of providing bails for witnesses who don’t have ready cash. Such an investment needs big money cases that when you find a contract to work on, the agreement is you take a good deal of percentage. You can go a mile of providing protection for the witness and you get a pay for that service. This is a unique idea that has never been taped better so go on an make millions or if there is then they are not making it work for them. How about you make it work for you?

Financial planner

Among profitable business ideas here in Kenya being a certified financial Planner can turn you into a millionaire in months. Banks and Micro-finance will always hide some part of truth to the people and as a certified financial planner guiding people on how to invest and spend money will give you some good return on your business. You need an office, experience, and skills, business permit and clients will come your way I mean almost everyone wants to know how to spend and how to invest, grown assets same on utility bills. Open and office and they will flock to the door daily for your credibility.

 Home Inspection Firm

The home inspections properties are profitable in these business ideas. You need to register your firm and have the right particulars. And of course an office, this is a goldmine that Kenyans who are willing to make millions can be ready to invest. As home inspection officer, your work is to check and report standards of housing, what type of material used. Latest material, name, quality to home investors and you get paid for just research and reporting. Still, you can join this business with NCA (National Construction Authorities) while you get paid.

Personal Concierge

Your work is to always put a smile on business personalities, celebrities, sports (wo)men and politicians by managing their hotel bookings, book table reservations,  conferences, suits and even take care of their car as they park outside. In this business, your clients don’t entertain excuses but things done to their satisfaction. Yes, you are a personal caretaker, taking care of their demands. But upon all this, you get a great return for your service. Opening a company and register on such will bring millions in a year if not months.

Boda boda Spare parts and repair

Boda boda business ideas are growing so is the demand for spare parts and repair. You can think these business ideas and use boda boda repair and spare part in retail form or wholesale. Boda boda drivers queue waiting for services to be done to them. Having a boda boda spare part will make a sale for business. All you need is capital, business registration, and marketing through good services then you are in for amazing business. Find a channel of importing them from China will make a great return in millions.

Interior decorator/ designer

Business ideas interior decor
appealing interior designer

For this type of business idea to bring profit you should start as a freelance interior decorator for new properties then you will see your name in news. Why? Because your work will be a great finish and when architectures and construction firms ask who did the interior design, calls will come your way and sitting in your office will never be easy. Still, you can decorate new homes with how the light in the room should be, what seat needs to be where, find matching curtain with seats, with rugs, and with carpet. According to how the owner will use the home, are there pets? How many children? Girls or boys and how appealing the room should look stunning, is another source of money harvesting business.

Wedding Planner

People fall in love daily and so will the wedding plans. When they need a wedding planner be the first to meet the class and standards with your business brand. Know up to date wedding color and trends and months that wedding is in demand. Advertise your brand and services in wedding committees, give discounts for a service; this will win you a wedding planner business deal. Master the color themes, dressing style, the budget just everything for the couples.

Used books

For some fact, almost everyone has a book in the house that is gathering some dust. Books are stacked in boxes. Why not make business out of them. Start with your books and people will bring you their books. Request from family and friends for books and magazines, open a shop for regular hours. Sell specific categories that are in paperbacks books, hardcover books, Greeting cards, Fanzines, people can’t miss in your shop.

Fencing and gardening

Many don’t like getting dirty and such business ideas you can use. Open a shop that has workers who are skilled in flower gardening and fence trimming. Everybody who has eyes loves beauty, plant flowers in homes and plant and harvest fruits you will be shocked how just opening registered fencing and gardening office and sending people to do some work will make you profit from such business ideas.

Computer training

Most people know how to use phones but not the computer. Opening a computer training center will bring you money because there are packages people don’t know and getting time to learn computer is an opportunity. If there are 10 packages and cost of 10 packages is ksh 3000 how much profit will you make if you get only 10 students in a month? People want to know how they can connect with friends and family abroad by sending emails and attaching files. The experience of PC and Macintosh you have will help many while you make money.


Landscaping business ideas
Landscaping designs

If you can create an appealing change in someone’s house then these business ideas can bring you profit. You need to register the business and have a license as a landscaper. Passion for change is all to provide and thrill for beautiful change. The beauty of creativity and an eye to see the outcome is all required from you. See where grass can be, see where waterfall can be, a degree of seeing what is best for a specific place. Having an eye to see change everywhere is what will bring you a paycheque. What is positive available for the landscaper  is that s/he will sit down and talk with the client about what is to be done if the client agrees then it is a deal.

Moving Services

Moving services

How about you have your own moving services for people who move a long distance and short distance from one office to another or shifting from one town to another? This can get you a good deal of profit if you make it work better; you only need a team of manpower that can offer the service.  It may seem difficult to find the deal but convince the client of how when anything gets damaged you pay and you will get the business deal.

Computer repair

To open a shop of computer needs the latest antivirus, knowledge in hardware part and software part. You can employ people with such skills and you are the supervisor and cashier. Experience and also skilled licensed personnel, the guru who will meet needs of customers is a great thought to fathom.

Cleaning services

Yearly companies get new tenders and opening your own company can make you millions. Some companies and institutions take short-term contracts, this gives you chance to get a tender. Who likes dirt? Collages, offices, Banks, Universities needs cleaning services you only need to pitch them. United Nation in Gigiri offer year tenders and no tender can be given again to the present cleaning service, all you have to do pitch.

Electronic repair

This may seem to be obvious but not really. People dump iron boxes, fridges microwaves to a repair and after a long time not working. Why? Glad you asked because one can’t be a jack of all traits. Choose what you can do, specialize in it build your brand and be unique in making one specific thing.  The stream of people will gather at your business shop.  Specialize in one specific electronic and you will stand out with your brand.

Event planner

Categories of business ideas can almost be similar but not until you know what it is all about. An event planner is unique in that you can organize anything when a need arises. Think of baby shower, birthdays parties, and burial, get together parties, family reunion. You get the deposit to make the event work and then later get payment in full. Your work is strict to manage events be successful with no faults. If you are that person who can’t make faults or success is the only option for you, this will be a great business idea for you.

Rug Cleaning

When you can specialize in rug cleaning as business ideas then money will come your way. Be unique in only removing stains on rugs and carpets, how to get odor on carpets. This will make you be known for being unique with carper cleaning thus making money.

Consultant firm

Are you that person people always trust and find out full of ideas? How about you start a consulting firm as a business. People will pay you at a fee after giving them an idea for a specific consultation. You can hire people who have experience in land, properties, business like me here, laws and marketing. One small mistake and you are out of business so it is a too delicate business idea if you are not ready don’t venture in.


Even when technology has come on our phone with cameras, there is no way how one can outweigh the quality of photographer, never. Making money can be easy if you know how to produce quality pictures. As a photographer, open a studio where people can come print their photos by you adding quality to it and making money. So you can be in multiple ways by combining weddings, explore areas like getting together party, family reunion, couples retreat, holiday events. Who will ignore quality photo for such events?

Christmas Trees  

It comes once a year but you can use these business ideas in a profitable way by making millions at the end of the year. All you need is to unite with landscaping firm while you work alone, grow your Christmas tree and start with friends then community. Landscaping firm will either buy from you or you sell to them.  You can also give the landscaping company to sell for you while they get a percentage of commission after a sale.

Live Christmas trees

Some of the business ideas listed will make you millions in short time while other within a year. While still others can make you millions within some time frame. It only needs passion in the business ideas you choose. Make it work for you even when starting seems to be difficult, that is how at times business works. Start small, stay focused, be patient, think big business ideas and make profits.



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