Make money with simple vegetables farming methods

simple vegetables farming methods

Farming should not only be the option when you retire but understanding vegetables farming methods can also be a lucrative business venture when you understand what choice of vegetable planning you want.

So, here you will get simple natural ways for vegetable farming methods as you keep reading. First you need to choose what you the choice of variety or category of vegetable you so want to invest in. I say invest because long gone is the time when farming was only the last option. Now Agriculture is the backbone of Kenyan economy and even across the world.simple vegetables farming methods

Choosing the right choice of vegetable to plant can have a great return, talk of Millions of shillings for a specific vegetable farming method of even the right choice of agriculture. Below is a small list of vegetables ready for demand in the market that you can choose from.

There are more Agricultural methods you can choose from. Now, there is a mistake I would like to warn you on. Before you start on vegetables farming methods, choose the market first then when you find the market you are good to go for the vegetable farming as a business.

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At first it may not be that easy to start, it will even be so difficult to start but one thing you need to know is that difficult things are the best things, help me finish this out “easy come …. “

Have a business plan and where you ant o be at a specific time. It is called in simple setting goals right. Are you going to have varieties of vegetable at a go or crop rotation. you need to know early before you start. When you are ready then you can begin vegetables farming methods, but what are the methods one can use? Considering the choice of your agricultural method below are methods you can choose from.

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Examples of Vegetables farming methods

  • Small scale or large scale farming,
  • Organic farming or,
  • Scientific farming/Modern ways of farming.
  • Direct planning on the firm–such include cabbages, onions, broccoli, carrots, capsicum, celery, lettuce. The methods may influence the success of the plant or failure.

Intensive farming–involves higher input for higher returns per cubic unit land. Intensive may involve vegetables farming and animal husbandry, which is large animals raised on a small land.


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