Simple easy bajia recipe

bajia simple recipe

Bajia is neither easy nor hard to grasp more so when there is a simple recipe you are just good to go with it. Sometimes the problem is when you miss the procedure for preparing it then I assure, you will get entangles in the process and find hard on how to trace back. But guess what? Preparing bajia or bhajia like some call it is an easy simple recipe. Well, I will take you through the simple way to prepare bajia it an awesome delicacy to try.

For now I know you might have heard of the different type of bajia recipe if not then let me take you through there is spicy bajia , chicken minced bajia, meat paste bajia, veggie bajia and all other bajias that are about to be developed. You can’t wait right? Right? So let me take you through the simple easy bajia recipe then the rest will follow. You need ingredients and procedure to have you delicacy ready.

Preparing Bajia for two people

Ingredients and requirement:

  • 7 big Irish potatoes,
  • Vegetable cooking oil for deep frying,
  • 2 cup of wheat flour or gram flour,
  • 1 teaspoon of salt,
  • ¼ teaspoon of chili pepper,
  • 2 cups of water,
  • Skillet pan or a deep frying pan,
  • Wire skimmer,
  • 2 sliced lemon.

 Just a thought: Bajia comes in different shapes, but here we want to prepare a circular coin thickness like bajia.



  • Wash your hands clean.
  • Put the cooking oil on a heat source and leave for about 10 minutes.
  • Wash the potatoes clean then boil the potatoes without peeling for 5 minutes on a low heat source. Then after 5 minutes peel the potatoes don’t worry about the stickiness on your hand. Cut the potatoes into round slices, coin size thick and flat. When done, put in a bowl and cover.
  • Take the 2 cups of water and pour into a bowl. Your gram flour or wheat flour mix them together with turmeric in a different bowl. Now pour the mixture of gram and turmeric in the bowl with water in.Mix completely, make sure it makes a thick paste just similar to that of pancakes paste.
  • With your small tablespoon to test if the oil on the heat source is ready scoop the small paste and dip in the oil. If immediately the paste cooks then oil is ready.
  • Now, take the sliced potatoes and mix them in the paste. Make sure the paste covers the potatoes evenly. You can dip one by one or scoop with your hand and dip in the ready oil. You need to watch your hand chef.
  • Turn after 3-4 minutes to cook on both sides. If it turns to golden brown use wire skimmer to remove from the skillet and transfer in a steamer tray or frying basket for oil to drip.
  • Squeeze lemon juice on top of the bajia for that heavenly taste.

After 20 minutes you are done with the recipe, so you can serve when hot and enjoy. Reward yourself because you have been working in the kitchen right?crunchy bajia

At times preparing it can be even advanced when the mixture of an added recipe comes along the normal recipe.  This means ingredients are another thing that makes recipe advanced. Still, on the simple recipe, you can blend tomatoes mixed with green chilies and pour on top of your bajia and eat. Or in addition, you can sprinkle some kachumbari  (chopped raw tomatoes, cabbage, chilies, and coriander)on top of your bajia and eat.


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