A silent war in Nasa that may derail Raila’s swearing-in


There is a silent tussle percieved and moderated by the National Super Alliance Coalition that threatens the planned January 30th swearing-in of Mr. Raila and Kalonzo as peoples president.

Behind the scene even after putting up a united front in Machakos on Friday, the two sides are locked in quite war that could derail the much-publicised oath which the government is against.
However, whichever side carries the day could eventually win the silent fight budding to shape NASA.
The source of the silent, but vicious was is the whole puzzle of the swearing in and whether it can achieve the overall objective of delivering electoral justice after the coalition’s October 26h election boycott and the eventual victory of President Uhuru Kenyatta for the last and second term in office.

Privily the four principals are also said to be in contrast to the swearing in even though they put up a united public show. They are expected today to launch People’s Assembly in Mombasa where the Mombasa Governor Joho is to host the NASA coalition.

The coalition hardliners argue that the only way to get electoral justice is from what happened on August 8th, an election that was nullified by the supreme court and to ensure elections are not rigged in future is by only ensuring that Mr. Odinga is sworn in to put pressure on Jubilee.

They are also against dialogue or any power-sharing deal, something US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Codec and a group of religious leader have been pushing for.

“These holding the position also believe it will answer our core supporters who have been disappointed after the promised swearing in was put off twice, ” remarked an MP from Nyanza region. He spoke with confidence for fear of antagonizing his colleagues.

On the contrary, the perceived moderator argued the glamour for the swearing-in too much ado about nothing as it will not have bearing on Mr. Kenyata’s legitimacy as President. In addition, they said it could trigger a brutal police reaction which will result in more deaths. The group preferred a national dialogue, even though some are not opposed to the formation of the People’s Assemblies.

NASA coalition has insisted that ey won the August poll but it accused the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of having conspired with the Jubilee Party to tamper with the tallying of presidential votes which ultimately denied Mr. Odinga Victory.

The coalition seems to have boxed itself on the face when it threatened to swear in Mr. Odinga in the event that Mr. Kenyatta was declared the winner of the repeated October 26th poll, which NASA boycotted. Such a call has developed its own life and the coalition leadership finds itself in a difficult spot and unable to go back out of fear of isolation its core support base.

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Mr. Mbadi who is the leader of Minority in the National Assembly said “We have reached a point where no option but to swear the two leaders because that is waht our supporters are demanding. The Matter is totally out of our hands. You can se this in our supporters”

“One way of losing your support is by not doing what supporters want. Sanctions are palpable .Our supporters are tired of postponements and they are not receptive to calls for the dialogue we have to swear in Mr. Odinaga and Kalonzo.” He concluded.



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