Shocking as Eastleigh taut bites passenger’s cheek over sh20 change

eastleight taut bites passenger

Thing unfolds shocking as an Eastleigh taut bit the passenger’s cheek over an argument over sh20 balance.A matatu conductor was arraigned in court after he bit a female passenger over sh20.

A 27-year-old Passenger service vehicle Eastleigh taut in Nairobi has found himself between the hammer and the anvil after bitting a female passenger on the cheek over sh 20 fare balance.

eastleight taut bites a passenger's cheek

A man by the name Otieno Zacchaeus was charged with assaulting Lydia Wambui 26 at the OTC bus stop in Nairobi.

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According to police records, Miss Wambui and her young daughter boarded a Matatu in Eastleigh estate, heading to the central business district (CBD) with the accused announcing the fare being sh 30. Wambui reported handed him sh 100 expecting sh 70 balance which the conductor claimed he didn’t have immediately but promised to do so once he got it.

Upon alighting in town, Wambui is said to have asked for the balance, only for the taut to be rude and arrogant. he changed tune claiming that the bus fare had been sh 50 and that was only entitled to sh50 balance.

Witnesses reported that Lydia begged him for her balance but he instead responded with blows and kicks, making her fall to the ground. A scuffed ensued between the two with the taut sinking his teeth into Wambui’s cheek prompting her to wail for help.

Members of the public rushed to Wambui’s rescue and took her to the hospital and helped her pick a P3 from the police.
Otieno was later arrested and arraigned at the Makadara Law Court, where he pleaded guilty, but insisted he did so after the accused insulted and assaulted him.
Mimi nilikuwa nimpee doo zake juu sikuwa na chane but sasa vile alianza kunivuta sharti na longi , nikaona amenikosea heshima na mimi nikampiga kofi lakini sikumuuma juu meno yangu sio kali vile hata mnaeza ona,” he arrgued his case.

The case will be heard on May 16, 2018, the accused was however released on a cash bail of 20,000.


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