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Since June 2017 the launching of SGR (standard Gauge Railway ) has brought ease to the transport industry. Most destinations are from Nairobi -Mombasa but you can still use SGR bookings to other locations. On average 3000 of the Standard Gauge Railways or Madaraka express tickets are sold daily.

inside of Madaraka Express

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There are two classes of SGR bookings:

  • Economy class and
  • First class

Unlike the Kilimanjaro train and Mukuba train long-distance train from Tanzania and Zimbabwe, the SGR booking delivers details of services.  The bookings are direct and express no stopover stations once you have booked.

Apparently, Kenya Railways Cooperation has no online booking portals yet, but booking can be done using your phone. Here is a guide to SGR booking.

using your phone dial *639# from your Safaricom line, currently, the tickets are in demand. you need to inquire 14 days ahead of Express SGR booking. You can also visit the SGR stations to inquire, opening from 07.00am – 04.00pm. SGR stations are the second option to book your ticket.

NB: We don’t facilitate tickets here.

Details to indicate when booking SGR express

  • When do you intend to travel
  • Which train -Inter-country or express.
  • The number of passengers traveling indicates adults and children.
  • Choice of class – first class or economy class.
  • And a description of your request.

The Schedule of Madaraka Express Passenger Service

From Mombasa to Nairobi

Depart at Miritini Termini: 3:30 pm

Arrive at Syokimau Termini: 20:20 pm

From Nairobi to Mombasa

Depart at Syokimau Termini: 3:30 pm

Arrive at Miritini Termini: 20:14 pm

The Duration Madaraka Express train takes

 From Nairobi to Mombasa

SGR trains move at a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The journey from each city starts at 09:00 am and ends at 13:30 pm or the stipulated time when schedules changes.  So likely the whole journey can take about 4 hours 30 Minutes.

Where else you can get the SGR train tickets other than Syokimau and Miritini stations

For now, you can only get the train tickets at the respective stations or use Mpesa to make payment (See the guide above) SGR has not yet produced the portal but plans are underway to introduce an online booking system and selling points in major towns.




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