Scientists advance deepfake software

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Scientist have advanced deepfake software. It is a software that contains fake algorithm to create voice and video of anybody anywhere anytime.

The deepfake software use famous and prominent people in the world including you , altering the words said to the exact words required as guided by the programmer who feeds image and information .

Professor Luchiano Froloid from Oxford Digital Ethic university simulated how the deepfake software can be a conflict to personal privacy and character assassination. He said the software which raises many ethical questions where everyone anywhere can be in problem.

The deep fake has already scaled criticism in US as a threat to national security. On the launch of it Barack Obama’s face is used and even his voice is exact , where the real face and voice is totally different .

Where science call it a step in technology for music and movies producer politicians see it as a real threat to them .

“It is even hard to know what is real anymore including the news now if the deepfake software is around” said professor Luchiano.

What you are watching can not be real when deep fake algorithm feed words and face on a particular time and place.


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