Sarco suicide machine invented

sarco capsule 3Dsuicide machine

Euthanasia advocacy group is trying to sell a High -tech “suicide machine” called the Sarco capsule. it has a single simple purpose to help you commit suicide painlessly and swift.

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Sarco capsule suicide machine does not use any restricted drugs neither does it require any complicated experience such as insertion of a needle. Nope, that is not what Sarco does. Dr. Philip Nischke, who is the founder and director of Exit International whos emission is to inform members and support them in their end of life decision -making said stated that Sarco is the ideal machine for those who desire to commit suicide.

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One enters the suicide machine and closes, the machine has codes and a killer gas button that you just press the button and the oxygen is sucked up . ” it is s slow killer machine” But before one using, An online mental questionnaire must be filled by the intended user. Sarco has four digit code that will open the capsule and once inside the user close the lid and waits for the nitrogen liquid to suck up oxygen level in the machine.The other part is that the capsule can be used as a coffin and reused by another person commits suicide.



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