Raila Odinga beat Uhuru Kenyatta in prison revealed

Raila Odinga beats Uhuru in Prison
  • At Kamiti maximum Prison detainees favor Raila Odinga because he too was jailed.
  • At Kamiti, Odinga scooped more votes than Kenyatta in August 8 elections.
  • Raila Odinga beat president Uhuru Kenyatta at Kamiti prison in the first round of the August elections.

Raila Odinga a former detainee who was sworn in recently as the people’s president at Uhuru Park in Nairobi is favored by inmates who regarded him as one of their own having suffered detained himself as Kamiti maximum prison.

A reporter told pewa.co.ke that Odinga was beaten by Uhuru in the repeat poll after he asked his supporters among them prisoners acrsoo the country to boycott the elections.

The reporter said ” Our statistics show that Odinga rerely got more votes in October election as compared to the August elections where he was overwhelmingly voted by prisoners.” he explained that ” the reson being that he told them to boycott the elections because he ws not on the ballot. The prisoners “worship” him so they hold his word high esteem.”

one inmate told the nairobian that ” If you mention the name raila to prisoner is like you mentioned a pope . raial is their source of hope being bird of a (prion) feather . They relate with him having survived prison it gives them hope as well , hoping they will be freed in the near future.”

Now ther is the kitchen fire at the Kamiti Maximum Prison which is never extinguished . The jail Kitchen is busy 24 hours and the cooking fire has never gone out even for a second since Kamiti was estabilished by the colonial goverment . The kitchen fire can only be extinguished if only the prison has no inmates, alas! prisoners at Kamiti swear they will put it off only if baba becomes President of Kenya.

The jiko kindle some hope in that Odinga was fed from the jiko , eating half cooked ugali with watery vegetables in teh years he was detained from 1982-1988 and 1989- 1991.

Nasa supporters who keep tabs with “baba” in prison with hope that he will one day keeop his promise of putting off the fire and set the free and take them to canaan. On the contrary Raila Odinga has never returened to Kamiti since he was freed over 25 years ago.

The officer pewa.co.ke reporters talked to related the fire being switched off when rail becomes President have been peddled for years by old inmates who were there when he was an inmate “but he (Raila) can only do that whn he is the president through the power of mercy but not rhough other means. From time when, he was released he has never come back again”

reflecting the results released by IEBC during the october elections president uhuru garnered more votes than the former premier who pulled out in the race which gives more head up in prisons. For Instance Kamiti Maximum Prison has 585 registerd voters out of which Uhuru reached 287 votes against Raila Odinga’s three votes at the Mina prison while at the Medium Prison Uhuru got 63 against Odinga’s two.

Naivasha Main prsion uhuru got 97 votes against Oginga’s two. Somethuign interesting , politics in prison is peaceful and mature unlike outside the prison where people of different ideological persuasion bickerd and flight over divergent affiliations. The inmates at the Kamiti Maximum Prison , gather under a tree t discuss pressin national issues wich include the economy , but politics takes centre stage with jubilee and NASA agendas dominating but the prisoners do it in a mature and civilised manner. , tabling facts and figures to abck up their juicier narratives.

The prisoners political consciousness was heightened for the first time when the supreme court directed prisoners be given the right to vote for the first time in history.


One of the registerd inmates told pewa.co.ke news agents that ” Being allowed to vote shows that Kenya is changing .the supreme court has garanted us our democratic rights . everyone here in prison has their preffered candidate be it jubilee or NASA. We politc but when time coems to casting votes our votes. it becomes a secret as we wait for the winner to be announced by the electoral body.”

He went on to explain that the main reson as to why inmates love “baba” is because they can identify with him easily for being ex-convict, who has expereicne the suffering in prison. We think Raila Odinga is more conversant with prison life than his competitors.”

They came anotehr prisoner who differed by telling pewa.co.ke that “There are those who voted for presidnet (Uhuru) because of the reform he has broght in prison which has made life easier. But one thing is that election results dont create a rift among inmates , here we dont practice tribalism. We are brothers and politics does not define us through politics , it our staple food to fight boredom.”



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