Raila Must be President : ODM insists

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The (ODM) party has rubbished the claims that newspapers spat against them. On Sunday  26th they reiterated that opposition leader Raila Odinga will be, must the fifth president. The ODM party dismissed the NASA might have rethought of the plans of swearing in Raila on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. The spate that “Forget about the newspaper headline. Forget so-called “Sources close to baba” forget Government propaganda through the section of media. Forget any diversionary tactics by Jubilee and their agencies. They resolve by the people of Kenya in one .. baba must be President .” Philip Entale, The Director of Communication said.

This was earlier buy the opposition leader rejecting plans by NASA leaders to proceed with the swearing-in saying that it might taint the image of the NASA coalition. Raila Speaking at Laico Regency Hotel on Friday, asked president-elect Uhuru and Jubilee government to arrest him, detain or even prosecute him if only the regime thinks he is the problem. NASA leaders Raila Odinga accused the police of using excessive force killing innocent Kenyans. He pointed to President Kenyatta that “You don’t go shooting innocent people who only came to receive Raila Odinga. What have this young lives done to you? Mr. Kenyatta he who lives by the bullet dies by the bullet”

The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga said these while on a fundraising for the people who were killed on that Friday on his return. The fundraising was at Laico Regency Hotel.  The president invited all those who were presidential candidates that include NASA for his inauguration ceremony to be held on Tuesday 28th November 2017.  Joseph Kinyua who is the head of Public Services reported.

Pewa.co.ke has learned that Should Uhuru reach out to Raila then there will be unity of the country but should the designated twin occasion for the swearing in be done By President Uhuru and NASA leader Raila Odinga be, the day will be turned into one measuring popularity by attendance. A day of violence seems to beckon with a hissing sound.




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