NHIF Super Cover

nhif super cover benefits information

NHIF in full is known as National Hospital Insurance Fund. The new NHIF super cover is advanced with more benefits for family medical covers. It is improved in that you can now get medical payments with your NHIF membership of 80% while you pay 20% cash.

nhif super cover benefits information

How do I register NHIF? 

You can register online here or register visit any of NHIF buildings and even any Huduma centre branch countrywide.

How much do I have to pay every month?

The amount you have to pay within 30 days is 500 shillings only. This covers nuclear family that includes wife and husband and children below the age of 18 years. When a child attains 18 years s/he can get own NHIF cover and when married can include the spouse.

Can someone save slowly and pay once?

Yes, one can save 18/= or 20/= per day in your home bank or in your mobile phone and when it amounts to 500 then you can pay one.

Are there penalties for late payment?

Yes, there are penalties for late payment. 4% penalty is for one month delay. The same date you paid the previous one should not pass, if it does then it will be counted as the late payment.

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Is there a way on how someone can pay?

Sure, There are three ways currently for paying Hospital Insurance by

  • Visiting Huduma centre countrywide.
  • Visiting NHIF office near you or
  • By using a mobile phone as follows:

Go to M-Pesa, Lipa Na M-Pesa

  • Paybill
  • Enter business No.200222
  • Press ok
  • Account number enter your ID number for the only registered member.
  • Enter Amount 500 (make sure you have enough for m-pesa transaction of 30/-)
  • Enter Your M-pesa Pin then press ok.

You will get a notification via a message on the payment details in less than 5 minutes that is if systems are not busy and functioning well. Failure to this then you will get a notification of wrong entry process that you missed to follow while paying your NHIF monthly payment.

Do I have to apply for another NHIF card if I lost my card or forgot my account number?

No. You should not because the ID is already in NHIF system and it will reflect double registration. You can visit the NHIF branch and state your case and you will get help immediately from there or reach any Huduma Centre branch countrywide. of course with your national ID.

What if my card has been inactive for about 6 months?

I hope you are saying the card has not been paid for about six months, right? Well, you will have to wait for one year to elapse then you can start paying afresh, pay the 6 months and continue or after one year you will have to pay ksh1,500 and wait for three months to start using your card.

Will I have to pay all the debt incurred for 6 months for my NHIF card to be activated?

Yes that is when you want your NHIF card to help you.Pay the penalties 4% plus the 6 months fee of 3000/=. But if your NHIF card super has taken one year, pay 1,500 for reactivation of the card. But if you still want your card to start working in the next month, then you must pay all the amount. However, you can use your card after 90 days. Yeah, 3 months if you reactivate it after 365 days inactive.

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How come I used my NHIF and was told there was no medicine and I had to buy?

Am sorry but the new NHIF super cover has the advanced insurance policies to cater for you and your family. Maybe that was some time back and not the NHIF super cover package. Report such cases to this number 020-2723255/6 or toll free-0800720601

What is in this NHIF super cover things?

Well, the new super cover is able to pay 80% on your medical bills this includes:

Surgeries, MRI, CT scan, Accident fractures, Blood transfusion among more. Previously NHIF was paying bed for inpatients but not anymore.

Why must I choose a hospital?

Well, this was to help the hospital that you are visiting to keep the record of your medical history. This was to minimize moving from one hospital to another and get induced with the same drug within a short period, this can cause an overdose of drug or new treatments while you were still already treated in another hospital. But this has been history because the government allows NHIF Super cover to sustain any patient in all government hospital.

What is this 80% and cash 20% thing, can my NHIF card not pay all bills?

Good question, the 80 percent is in an inpatient hospital meaning you have been admitted in a private hospital and your NHIF card pays for you the 80% of the bills and you pay 20% of the bills. For instance, if you are admitted to private hospital and the hospital bill is ksh 100,000. Your NHIF card will pay for you ksh 80,000 and you only have to pay ksh 20,000. On the contrary, this does not happen to government hospitals, because you pay nothing, you walk free and you get back home free. Zero charges for NHIF members.

Well, hope all the questions that have been bothering you on the NHIF super cover are explained in details. Feel free to ask more questions below.


  1. Am registered with the normal NHIF package is super cover covered in this or I should register for super cover package?

    • Hi, Emma as long as you have registered normal in the previous NHIF you are automatically in NHIF super cover. But you can now register NHIF linda mama to offer you a free maternity and other services by registering through your any model of phone dial *263# then follow the procedure.

  2. Am registered with the normal NHIF package is super cover covered in this or I should register for super cover package?

  3. Hi,
    I am a registered NHIF member since 1990 and I am an active contributor, I do not have a NHIF card, I changed my employer, how can I get a membership card and is it possible to add more children and change my spouse and add a new one since I divorced and remarried.

    • Muli, the first thing you need to confirm if that is your employer paying for you or are you paying on your own? If your employer pays for you kindly walk to any huduma center branch or NHIF office and see the validity of your membership. As long as you don’t have a card, there is NHIF member number that you always use while paying, please use it to get health care services. For membership card walk to any huduma center or NHIF office with your original Identification card, you will be given a receipt after taking a passport photo at NHIF office. Then you will be given a duration to come back for your card. Well, you can add all your children as long as they are below 18 years, If they attain 16 years then they are to register their own NHIF membership. Am sorry that you can not add another wife since the terms and conditions of NHIF takes the first wife details unless your wife registers new one then, include you on the new one with all children below 18 years.

  4. Hello,if im employed and my NHIF is being payed for by my employer,can i include my mother as a beneficiary co thet she can use my card too or do i have to register her as self employed

    • Hi there Helidah hope you are fine. Actually, You can’t include your mother as beneficiary. Terms of NHIF don’t allow that, you have to open for her and pay every month. You are right, you have to register for her as self-employment and pay every month ksh500 before 9th of every month. Hope I helped you Helidah.

  5. Hi, what happens if my employer deducts the nhif fund from my payslip but does not remit with Nhif?
    Also, if my employer has been paying and I stop working for about a year, what happens when I get a new job and when do I start using the card?

    • Sarah am sorry to hear this. All you have to do is come with complain with your employers code to any huduma centre or any NHIF office. Your employer will pay all the defaults after confirmed review. After one year inactive NHIF member should pay 1500/- as an activation fee then your card will be active after 2-3 months. But keep paying before date 09 of every month. On getting a new job the same card is what you will use and as long as the card is active (paid on time, every month) you can use it. Did I answer your question in full.


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