New Study How Birth Control Can Increases Breast Cancer


Birth control is a risk associated with all forms of hormonal contraceptives talk of pills, injections or the IUDs.  From a research when women were compared those who have never used Birth control methods and those have. The Researchers from the University of Copenhagen analyzed the data from 1.8 million women who are under the age of 50 years in Denmark. The researchers followed the women for almost 11 years on average.  The level of breast cancer through the use of birth control methods, levels of breast cancer risk increased as long as the woman had taking hormonal contraceptives. The average increased to 20% among current users and all users of other forms of contraceptives.

You will wonder how come Africa was out of breast cancer in the early 90s but not since the adoption of the western lifestyle of health and nutrition, breast cancer is here to stay unless current use of the birth control is wiped out for an alternative method.

Research shows a 9% increase in breast cancer among women, taking more hormonal contraceptives for under a year. This is rising to 38% if used for more than 10 years. For women who have been using birth control hormonal contraceptives for more than let’s say 5 years, there is a slight decline risk persisted for at least five years after stopped. That is according to the study in the New England Journal Medicine.

From the results, there is a suggestion that a rapid disappearance of excess risk of breast cancer after discontinuation of use of the contraceptives among women who have used hormonal contraceptives for short persons.

Not only women are in danger of breast cancer but even girls, ladies it is high time parents with teens to sit and have a talk, question if your daughter is using any mode of birth control. She will deny but when the open risk of birth control is shared, trust me you will discuss openly and if not then maybe someday she will. Then share the dangers of the use vastly with her (them) If teens are using them, then there is a high chance that they will not even reach beyond 30 years in life, or maybe will never conceive. Start now if you want o see your grandchildren.

Discontinuation of the use of birth control contraceptives among those who have trashed the use, there is likely no evidence for one to be at risk of breast cancer.

According to David Hunter, a professor of epidemiology and medicine said that the link between oral contraceptives and breast cancer is ready well established. However, this new study is important because it looked like a newer preparation that all women need to know.

This is why the newer preparations of birth control pills and other contraceptives have seen a wipeout of the female eggs to the required number.

Another thing you need to know on what propels on the cancer risk is a drink a day is tied to higher cancer risk. The risk of breast cancer increases with age also but not significant when other factors in nutritional health are accounted for. Good diet and nutritional principles can clear out some cancerous cells.

Women at the age of 50-70 if no good diet is at watch are at heightened peak for breast cancer if using birth control hormonal contraceptives.  The influence of breast cancer is triggered by Birth control use. You should discuss your use of birth control options with your physician before the damage is heightened.

However hormonal birth control contraceptives, namely oral contraceptives are linked to a less risk of ovarian, endometrial and colorectal cancer later in life. It may be more beneficial to keep a keen look at other terms of birth control methods to shut for the breast cancer risk to decline more rapidly that will be more beneficial. Before you continue with the momentum of birth control plans, pause and see the objectives that are prime for your health.



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