Some NASA swearing plans exposed

nasa swearing in plans exposed
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There must be critical questions on what is cooking in the NASA coalition kitchen but according to NASA swearing plans are right on the table. Following NASA coalition not recognizing president Uhuru regime, NASA is collecting signatures from MPs who are in agreement that Raila is the people’s president, the plan is for a likely push for a referendum to dissolve the government so as to have a fresh election.

On the claims that they might not be working according to the constitution of Kenya NASA swearing plans are on chances that NASA is working within the law. Howitbe good for the President to hold a talk because the train that NASA has boarded is one smooth off Journey.  President Uhuru to try to be around to stop it because it might be too late.

NASA will be seen as the favorite because the pinch of the economy, order of the government is felt, seen and the president used thorax to be in power as seen by ignoring a talk. It is a sole responsibility to Jubilee shoulders to solve NASA swearing plans through a talk so soon because of President is the one who is having the absolute power to do so President Uhuru.NASA then will claim that President Uhuru has failed to uphold his oath. MPs are signing the affidavit to win it out, to lead credence that president is not rightfully in office.

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The flying squad following Babu Owino here and there sell more to NASA coalition in public. NASA is working with some jubilee members in disguise to see things work out well. Probably even Sonko is working to see the event work, because of Babu Owino commenting on Sonko manifesto. NASA coalition has secure plans to protect the Uhuru park with security detail for the event seen in Jacaranda grounds during the swearing in of president Uhuru.

NASA coalition has put all plan B on their agenda and before they place any move the calculate the move better. Raila and Kalonzo will be sworn in a private facility then for a grand ceremony at Uhuru Park. It is obvious that there will be police with horses and all around Uhuru park but they are ready to risk it all because the whole crowd that will be brought by MPs and governors bus full may outweigh the security force. To show to the world how Kenya is burning.

Among NASA swearing plans are that they have multiple moves after studying the country and make certain backup plan keeping many guessing the next move. Makes it more confusing. As a matter of fact, some unknown jubilee members are working with NASA and some NASA members are working with Jubilee confidants. NASA is tentatively on a course that they cant walk out.

On January 18th Machakos people’s assembly to bring together all counties in the Ukamabani region.

January 21st Mombasa people’s assembly to bring together people in the coastal region.
January 2nd – 28th.The coalition will hold people’s assembly rallies in Kisii, Migori, Nyamira, and Narok.

January 30th Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka to be sworn in at Uhuru Park Nairobi where Raila will also name his cabinet.

If the government thwart the swearing in process NASA seem to have another move as heard by one MP saying there are many ways to kill a mouse. In a Voice of America, Radio interview he said they can even run a government outside the country which comes even when the US talked about a retirement plan. 




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