MP Mohamed Ali explains how he retains his Nyali seat


When Nyali MP Mohamed Ali left investigative journalism some felt a gap of the deep investigations series that revealed some hidden rot.

He dreamed to be in August house and his dream was stifled shortly after the general election

“Today the right of Nyali people have been heard. I knew that I would retain my seat. Now it is time to work for people of Nyali and Mombasa as a whole. The challenges would not hold us Woking for people of Nyali. I call upon the rest to work together” said the Nyali MP, Mohamed Ali. He was vying for Nyali MP as independent candidate where he attained 26,799 votes against his ODM opponent Said Abdala who was second with 15,473 votes .

The Mombasa court, judge Martha Koome stated that there was use of ODM photo that Mohamed Ali has used in the nominations where he was voted out during ODM nominations and later used independent candidate photo.

Judge Martha Koome added that voters were confused while voting b use of ODM logo. Also use of threat to voters and security team were used inappropriate in voting.

There was wrangles in early February 2018, against Moha’s victory but things differed after ruling .Peace and no strife was seen between Mohamed Ali and Said Abdala supporters.


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