Marburg Disease Kenya

Marburg Disease Kenya
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Marburg disease in Kenya is reported by World Health Organization in conjunction with MSF in Kenya has given the types of equipment in the country to help keep Marburg disease out of Kenya, this is following the reported case of the where Uganda citizen  lost his life due to the disease when the person visited county of Trans Nzoia Kenya.  In the report that after the equipment handed to the local medical facilities. Lillian Lipesa said the person who was found with Marburg disease was through research of the disease. “So this probable case we did investigations, we have been on follow up for the last twenty-one days. And the 21 days are elapsing today at 12 midnight and one lady is confirmed Marburg negative. from the KEMRI (Kenya Medical Research Institute) results show no signs and symptoms of ma bag, so from now, we have no positive results of disease. Basically, she is fine she is ok we have the training of our staffs in terms of preparedness.”

“So this probable case we did investigations, we have been on follow up for the last twenty-one days.”

It is noted that though the Marburg disease is not reposted yet in Kenya, people need to be aware of the Marburg disease that can kill within 24 hours. That having the disease being reported in Uganda. Kenyans should take caution while travelling more so during this time of the travelling season (December). But KEMRI reported that not even traces of Marburg disease has seen reports. In case positive results the public will be alerted on such and even when the public is aware of the signs and symptoms them urgent reports of the disease need to be raised to the help curb the spread of the disease.

What is  Marburg Disease?

It affects both humans and non-human primates. It is caused by genetically zoonotic RNA virus of the filovirus family.  Marburg disease and the Ebola viruses cause a server hemorrhagic disease in humans with the high rates. It attacks the monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells.





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