Mandazi called Obado in town


Actually there is this mandazi called Obado in Nairobi. One of our news agent of happened to drop by a cafe in Donholm phase 5 and what shocked her was the name Obado doughnut.

After being white coffee and attendant happened to ask her “What would you like to escort your coffee with or would you like to taste the new mandazi called Obado?”
This caught her with thrilling joy to know how the mandazi called Obado looks like.
“Mandazi called Obado?” He asked .
Yes Mandazi called Obado is in town .”replied the waiter .
“Please I would like to.” Our new agent replied . minutes late mandazi called  Obado or Obado doughnuts arrived. Golden Brown in colour , 10 centimeters long and 7 centimeters thick.

But she was told size may vary. The mandazi called Obado  slowly kicks KDF mandazi out in the market.



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