Malava-Kakamega: Painful and saddening as a father chops off his daughter’s hand

Malava-Kakamega: Painful and saddening as a father chops off his daughter's hand

The people of Malava-Kakamega county in Malava woke up in the bizarre of shock and confusion as a father of 3, Johnson Mwema, 36 years was left in the house alone with the wife only to come back and find the saddening news from the husband.

The father of the three: Rebeka Mwema,11 years, Patience Mwema, and Naisha Mwema 4 years. He works in a local butchery, woke up in the middle of the night and found that the wife was not in the house. he gave the wife permission to go and attend disco matanga and when it was late and the wife was not there, Johnson Mwema took a panga and begun cutting his two children.


The children are now admitted in Malava-Kakamega hospital, he chopped off two left fingers of Rebecca Mwema, 11 years old, Patience Mwema 9 years has a deep cut in the head and two lips. Where Naisha who is 4 years is suffering deep cuts. Then there was another child who escaped through the window and called for help

When the wife arrived she found the children in the shocking state and had to call for help. The police arrived in time.

There is a controversial issue as the wife says the husband has been suffering at times on cerebral malaria and when she is around she used to help him take some medication, but since she was away it seems it developed severely for the husband to cause that shocking act.

Peter Muhanzo OCP –Malava said” I have arrested the father of the three children. We asked him about why he did that and he said he woke up at night and did not find the wife in the house. He took a panga (machete) and started cutting the children. We have confirmed that the man works at one butchery around. Naisha Mwema who is 4 years have several deep cuts, Rebecca who is 11 years left two fingers are chopped off and Precious had some cuts on the head and two legs. I send the police and arrested him. The mother can protect the husband that he has cerebral malaria because he is the husband but, we are investigating on his health and proceed to court.”



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