Kenyans to wait longer for cheap maize


The government is ready and preparing for to hand over security project to private firms and the Agricultural development corporation for 20,000 acres of the expansive food security.

Kenyans will wait longer for cheap maize flour from the Galana Kulalu irrigation project, even as the government plans to cede its operation to a private investor to boot food security and production.

The farm on the 20,000 acres of food security project will be manned by a private firm and the Agricultural Development Cooperation (ADC) to plant and mill more maize by March, this is according to water Cabinet Secretary Eugen Wamalwa.

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This is expected to gross the availability of 2-kilogram packet of maize flour to be sold to Kenyans at the price of sh 75 each. Apparently, a2 packets of maize sell between sh 115 and sh 120.
Up to date, only 5,000 acres out of the targeted one million, have been put under crop as work is fast-tracked for completion of the remaining 4,400 acres after the installation of five pumps for irrigation.

However, the completion of the remaining part of the irrigation infrastructure has been revised to March as from Septemeber last year. Such a project was in the Jubilee manifesto on ensuring food security, one of the four pillars from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s agenda.
The CS said construction on an additional 10,000 acres will start in August 2018. The National irrigation board was not left out in implementing the project, it is expected to hand over to ADC that will be in charge of commercial operations in the next two months.

The Galana Kulalu project is a key feature of the Jubilee government manifesto on ensuring food security to Kenyans, however, Kenyans to wait longer for cheap maize flour from Galana Kulalu irrigation project.



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