Improve Google Search Engine Optimization site ranking 2018

Improve Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking 2018

Welcome, I want to help you improve or understand Google ranking through SEO. Google is becoming smarter every year and therefore you also need to be updated on guides on Google Search Engine Optimization site ranking with the information that is fresh if you really want your site ranking on page one. One thing you must know is that other giant websites on page one started just like you so you are in the right spot. In an online SEO Marketing business the new question you keep asking is how can I rank on first page or how can I improve my Search Engine Optimization for my site to rank top?

Here is a list on how Google can rank your site if you may use them

  • Search Engine Optimization –SEO
  • Content
  • Keyword Usage
  • Length
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Search Engine Result Page –SERP
  • Click Through Rate –CTR
  • Google Algorithm
  • Site age
  • Inbound links Number
  • Quality of Inbound link(s)
  • Outbound Link(s)
  • Quality of outbound link(s)

Let’s get to the details of each one so as to understand how Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking works. One thing you must know is that what Google used in website ranking in the year 2017 is not the same way Google use in 2018 Search Engine optimization ranking.  Website ranking need time, dedication and interest. In one word website ranking takes time, it could be years it is not a thing that takes one day but an improve on guide to Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking  will and can make you rank on page one, beating the giant site through.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO

Using the right words that are Google friendly when a user is searching on Google, just like a key on your hand with numerous doors in front of you.  It is from here that you can begin building you chances for website ranking.  Search right, the word that people are in demand for and help Google find you by using the SEO right. You don’t have to submit your SEO content to Google, Google will pick and submit it to search engine. You can use some Website SEO analysis SEO tools


Alright, content is king but quality, not quantity and tone matters for Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking. A constant flow on your article writing is what Google pick using Google spiders. Google spiders are robot software that Google automatic command to your site the moment a user search for a word-phrase. So using the right words, original words and not copy pasted. Google spiders will direct the user to your page but this can never happen if no amount of keyword is used according to the guidelines of Google.

Keyword usage

Google Keyword usage is one tricky way; you have to creatively write your content and using your keyword in a number of times. According to Google 2% keyword Density is the mark, so what is Keyword density? Glad you asked, for example:

Your article is 400 words in total right? Your Keyword is “weight loss”.  Get it right that weight loss is not your title but your keyword.

Keyword density is the total number of Keyword appearance in the content divide by the total number of words in the content which excludes your title then, multiply by 100. The product is the keyword density.

This is to say 7 (Total Word Appearance)÷ 400 (total Words Used in content) X 100 = 1.75  KWD is 1.75% which Google will consider your website for ranking. Keyword stuffing is an alert to Google that you are not worth being ranked, so rather use fewer words and rank than stuff keyword in your article and be unranked. Creativity and natural flowing tone is what Google wants.


Topic and purpose of your article is on Google watch, if your purpose is just writing and not to help users then forget about Google Search Engine Optimization ranking your site. People are looking for help in the search engine so why not provide it, then let Google rank your site. The length of page does not matter but the quality of the content is what matters for Google to bring your site on top page. Previous years Google ranked websites with long content like Wikipedia but not any more quality rich content beats all odds. Don’t ignore long contents for Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking because 2018 Profitable Unique Small Business Ideas Making Millionaires  is what proves how you can rank on utilizing SEO right.

Pages speed

Google has a search rate speed of two seconds or less than two seconds for your page to help a user who is searching for help on Google browser. A good page speed will provide Script, image and CSS for Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking.

Mobile friendly

Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking dose not just happen, for your site to fit in the Google ranking it should be able to help even mobile users. Mobile is the most used gadget by almost everyone. Mobile users searching experience rank better with mobile friendly site.

Search Engine Result Page-SERP

When user searches on Google, will result page find the keywords used in your website with right density for your site ranking? Is the SEO in your content right for Google spiders to gather information to rank your site to help the user? Search engine result page coordinate to the Google Algorithms pages on what the user is searching for and results of the content on your page. With enough information of list above then it is a green light for your website ranking and Google website SEO checker can help you out.

Click Through Rate –CTR

If Google has placed your page to help the user, how many times did users click on the rate of search result provided by your site? If Google provide the results even if your site is good to Google algorithms and users don’t clicks on your page then Google will push your site bottom or even on page two because users don’t get help on your site. Oh! That’s hard to believe but it is a fact please just buy it, so that your site will improve and Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking will work for you.

Google Algorithm

Google has never come out to explain more about Google algorithm on how it helps in Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking on how they use Google calculations to rank websites. I understand that it is a mathematical calculation system that is at high correlation with ranking complementary. The mathematical process that Google use in SEO site ranking is based on 200+  factors which only is known to Google.

Site age  

Google tend to favor 2-3 years old websites than a 1-3 month site even if your site provides great content. But since your content is fresh Google may direct Search Engine Result on your site page to users, more often but it will take you time to beat 3 years old site for Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking. However you can be slightly below the giant websites that are aged.  One good thing is that this method Google used some years back to rank sites but, in considering the above list, Google can place your website on top Search Engine ranking.

Inbound links Number

Prove to Google that you have related content in your website similar to what you are linking to by using inbound link(s). Inbound links means, you linking to your other article. For instance you wrote an article on “gaining muscle on diet” and your latest content is “product review for muscle gaining.” Those two are related, so link them. Yeah Google want you to promote your content why not do it if you want to rank on Google?

Quality of Inbound link

One more thing, is the link you are relating to of quality or just relating? Google use a lot of precepts to make you be there at the top so no shortcuts. Maintaining a website is not a joke but one good thing is you can and you will make it there. Linking quality inbound links is not just in the name of linking to your articles. It is better not to have inbound links than link because Google Search Engine Optimization will not entertain that.

Outbound Link(s)

Outbound are links that are leading to other sites and this is where you can get a juice link. What is juice link? Am glad you asked, juice link is the back link leading to your website from the site you linked to. This gives you power to rank fast on top page with other giant websites that have used same SEO guide tools on Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking and they have been there top for years. On the contrary this must only come from Google search Engine optimization on quality content and quality links.

Quality of outbound link(s)

Google robots and spider come each minute to pick information and activities on your website specifically for quality outbound link(s) and web updates. This is where juice link give you power and guess what you can’t fool Google because they are always ahead with ten steps. The best thing is be creative and original and the secret for one thing that will enable Google rank your site is not only by Google SEO but being unique. Don’t do everything that everyone does because Google Search Engine Optimization Site ranking will push your site down for not being original.

Finally, don’t try to be good just be good and Google search engine optimization will spot your site to rank in 2018. One more thing, Rome was not built in one day. Another man’s meat is another man’s position.What works for another may not work for you, build your brand and make it work for you.



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