How to have WhatsApp Web on the computer

How to have WhatsApp Web on the computer

You can now have the WhatsApp Web on the computer and still have the freedom of multi taxing as you work along. It will enable you to know how your family members and loved ones, keeping connected and even upload files through the WhatsApp web.

Now the Website gives ease to attach pictures from your phone to your computer and even other document storages for future secure use. Of course, you still need your phone and internet connection to have WhatsApp Web on the computer.

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Doing it is simple and easy to grasp. However, missing one step will lead you astray on having the App on your desktop. This is how you go about it.

Steps on how to get WhatsApp Web on the computer

  • Make sure your PC and your mobile are connected to the internet,
  • Now type on your browser or you can use this link here direct to the site,
  • Using your phone, tap the WhatsApp app then on the right uppermost edge of the app there are three vertical dots, tap the dots for more options,
  • Still, on the WhatsApp app, tap on the WhatsApp Web, it will direct you to where you will see a WhatsApp Web with a screen with a sketch of your PC and mobile- besides it, on the right top corner there is a + sign (see image below). Tap it, will direct you a where you will scan the QR code.

 WhatsApp Web to the computer

  • Place your phone on the computer QR code, make the phone-scan fit in the computer QR code. Don’t shake. There will be a vibration on the phone to alert you the QR code-scan is successful.

There you are, you have just successfully connected  WhatsApp Web on the computer, you don’t need to move your phone 1 meter away from your computer, you are likely to lose connection. But, this depends on the model of phone and the strength of the internet connection. Was this article Helpful? How can we help you more? Kindly drop any question and remember to subscribe to keep you alert with great information. Thanks.



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