How to Cure Insomnia


Insomnia is lack of sleep that can interfere with your health if not cured.  You will not like to be deprived your rest of something you can just handle in different ways. So I have placed well-laid plans to help you get rid of insomnia and sleep right.  But first, you will need to know what is the obstructive sleep apnea that robes you good sleep.

You don’t have to see a physician if you can DIY, yeah do it yourself (DIY). Unless they don’t work then you will have to see a physician. So first you need to know what the cause of insomnia is then step up to sleep well.

Cure insomnia to sleep well

  • At night your pupil constricts so it does not need more light in your room, this can be one of the causes of you not sleeping well or even your baby not sleeping well at night, sleep with the light off.
  • Stress and unsettled mind at night cause insomnia, at night, is not the right time to think. Come one you need a sleep and a decent one to get in the bed and sleep and grab that sleep well.
  • Good sleep comes to those who want it come in a good way how? Am glad you asked. You can enjoy some few pages of a novel or magazine and see how periods of sleep will sooth you.  When reading the brain communicates o the eyes to have arrested and that is what will happen.
  • Overeating can really bring you serious discomfort at night. You only need the light meal at night not to eat heavy. At night your brain needs to rest not digest massive intake of food.
  • Taking too much drink at night before sleep will deny you a good sleep so kindly avoid it and see the results.
  • If there is a time that you don’t need cold it is at night when you need that sleep. Keep your feet warm with some leg warmers or socks that will provide the warmth. Cotton socks are good to enable good sleep, at the heels there are nerves that run directly from your heel to your brain and when your feet are cold sleep will be something hard to catch.
  • Pray always before you go to bed God who knows how your body works will give it a rest that it needs.
  • Avoid distraction things like music at night the brain will not absorb it at late hours.

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Beyond the above ways of how to cure insomnia, you can apply it in all angels this includes the elderly and the baby. There will be slight changes when you will have to ignore drinking coffee or tea at night. Sometimes even finishing a glass of cold water will cause insomnia.

People are created different and it is true that another man’s mean it is another man’s position. So when you find that you still can’t catch a sleep at night.

 More alternatives to Cure Insomnia

  • Have physical activities during the day and if you have been doing this then you need to add more reps like going to gym, yoga and even take a strenuous physical exercise.
  • A picture tells a thousand words, stop watching TV or movies late night more so when you want to go to bed the images will remain for 45-60 minutes active in your head before you get some sleep.
  • Stress will never be a bother to your sleep if you can get some exercise in the evening and your body gets relieved.
  • Sex is also a good therapy for sleep, sorry for the unmarried as you can choose the above options.

What are some types of exercise to cure insomnia?

Your body needs two types of exercise

  • Physical or
  • Mental

Let us begin with the physical: Physical exercise eases your body and revives a feeling of laxity to the brain and body. Your skin will be youthful by having some exercise daily and even some type of diseases will be history. You can go to the gym or just take a work from work, use the stairs instead of the lift. You want o to reduce weight, diabetes-free, and sleep think of starting to exercise.

Types of exercise for good sleep

  • Jog on the spot slowly then increase the tempo.
  • Use a skipping rope and
  • Try Jumping higher on your own.
  • Have some press ups.

Repeat the above exercise till you are exhausted and in the evening you will get that good night sleep.

Mental exercise is to exhaust your brain by reading simple. Well, there you have it but not all.

What are symptoms of insomnia?

  • Feeling dizziness
  • At times puffy eyes
  • Change of eye color
  • Feeling weak and tired quite often
  • Sore eyes and feeling itchy to rub.
  • Feeling like sleeping during noon times or majorly at any time.

Well, then I guess you are ready to get good sleep because you need to take care of that body by providing it with enough rest. Gone is the obstructive sleep apnea.



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