How NYS  did business with ghost firms in sh 9bn tender scam

NYS scandal

In summary

  • About 40 companies are said to be involved in the NYS fraud and are under investigation
  • While NYS has pumped billions into fake entities, has learned that genuine suppliers are facing ruin as auctioneers descended on their property.
  • The directors of Firstling Suppliers are listed as James Thuita Nderitu and Vyonne Wanjiku Ngugi, with the former being the majority shareholder.

Record of some of the entities believed to have been fraudulently paid sh 9 billion for the National Youth Service (NYS) is incomplete or missing from the company registry.

A search in the official database of the registry of companies carried out at 4 pm yesterday showed that Ameritrade Enterprises, Ngiwako Enterprises, and Ersatz Enterprises returned a “no result”

“When a search of a company s the official resister done manually return a “no result”, it means as far as the companies’ registry is concerned, those companies do not exist .” one official at the registrar office was –aware of the going on , but who is not authorized to speak to the media said .

In a few steps, efforts by the to unmask the owners of the entities yielded identities of directors whose names are not familiar to the public, but who are possibly front for people holding influential public offices.


Out of a sample of 10 companies, only 3 were genuinely registered as companies with two directors each, two were registered as business names with one owner each. Whereas 3 couldn’t be traced at all at the company registry. About 40 companies are said to be involved in the NYS fraud and are under investigations.

The Government and its agencies are supposed to do business only with formality registered companies, which must also be registered as taxpayers and have PIN certificate as well as a VAT certificate. In the case of women, youth and the disabled, they must have an additional certificate, called AGPO (Access to Government Opportunities), In addition, all must have a tax compliance certificate.


The incomplete records fit an established pattern in corruption scandals and raise serious questions about the company registry, under the Attorney – General, to ensure transparency in business.

The hard stone in establishing the ownership of the companies came amid a strong fightback which was sled by the Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek), in which the directors–general of the National Security Intelligence, Maj General Philip Kameru, was accused of orchestration the investigation in cahoots with former clouded in confusion .he was appointed acting director on January 8, 2016, by Principal Secretary Lilian Mbogo Omollo.

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The bizarrely, happened on January 11, 2016, he was reported in the press as having been appointed the substantive director general to replace Ms. Clare Lwali Chaddha, who had acted in the capacity since the departure of Nelson Githinji, However, three days after the announcement of Mr.Michuki’s appointment Mr. Richard Ndumbi was sworn in as the director–general.


Ms. Chaddha was transferred to the Ministry of Sports and subsequently with abuse of office in connection with the first NYS scandal. She was acquitted two months ago.Mr. Michuki was a senior director in charge of the Kinra slum upgrading project but was reported to have been removed by Anne Waiguru.

However, he is still reported to be the deputy senior director in charge of administration. other reports indicate that he was transferred to the Ministry of Transport.

But it is still unclear if there is any substance to these allegations or whether they are part of a game of smoke and mirror as corruption fights back, as it often does. But, the director of Criminal Investigations George Kinotui was on Tuesday bullish, warning top NYS officials that they will not be spared if found to have stolen money from the organization

Mr. Kinoti said “Kenyans should anticipate arrest of all those who are culpable. “People will be arrested and taken to court irrespective of the rank they hold or their social status, If you misused public funds and diverted the money for personal use, you will be held accountable. We shall not leave you alone.”

Mr. Kinoti said he has assembled a team of detectives from the Investigation Bureau based at Mzaingira house, the directorate’s headquarters, to probe the scandal.


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