How much the highest-paid stars on TV are making, including big raises for the stars of ‘This Is Us’


How much are networks shelling out to bring Hollywood stars to TV?

In this age of proliferated programming, marquee names have become essential to bring sizable audiences to shows. And the competition among networks and producers has driven industry salaries to new heights.

At its height, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman reportedly negotiated $1 million salaries for the upcoming second season of HBO’s Emmy-winning drama, “Big Little Lies.”

Jim Parsons of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” made headlines last month for walking away from a reported two-year, $50 million paycheck for two more seasons of the sitcom, which CBS subsequently decided to end in 2019.

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the five central stars of the NBC drama “This Is Us” renegotiated their contracts to make $250,000 each per episode for the show’s third season.

Here’s how much the highest-paid stars on TV are earning per-episode:

Note: Some salaries may include producing fees.


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