How Google Tracks Your Every Move

How Google Tracks Your Every Move
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How Google Tracks Your Every Move

Google, the tech giant has been in hot waters for many reasons but this one touches most of us.Smartphones with all the security features to hide and lock screens to conceal our secrets from our partners and other people close to us, it can not hide its location from Google.Yeah, that’s right, even if the Location Services is turned Off and no SIM card inserted, this is according to news website Quartz.

Google Collects Your Location Data

The tech giant has been collecting Android user location data silently for the past 11 months and sending it to their servers.All it needs is, the device to be connected to the internet. Quart’s reports mention that the illegal location data collection has been going on since
January 2017 through Android smartphone and tablets who collect the addresses of nearby cellular towers and send the data to Google in an encrypted format to its push notifications and messaging management system.The report further states that even a factory reset will not stop the device from sending data to Google.

Google Could Not Deny The Fact

When contacted by Quartz, Google spokesperson admitted to collecting user location data but say they never use or store the data.

“By the end of November, Android phones will no longer send cell-tower location data to Google, at least as part of this particular service, which consumers cannot disable,”

said the spokesperson.

Now that Quartz has caught Google, the company has vowed to stop using Android devices to send cell-tower location data by the end of November. So this is some good news and you should be expecting Google to release an update in next few days and upgrade your phone to the latest version even though it will be still uncertain if Google really stopped collecting your location data.

With all this, still, it is yet not clear how Google manages to receive location data from cell-tower owned by specific carrier networks. A single cell-tower can only approximate where a mobile is, but multiple towers can be used to triangulate a device located within a quarter-mile radius.This pause a serious security threat to everyone especially high profile individuals.

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