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The owner of Grandpa Records has been rumored to have an interest in music to politics but it is not really what Rafigah who is the founder of the grandpa records saying. In an interview, he diverted the deep questions of politics and stated that he has been working on the latest song called dear X.

Dear X is the latest music from Grandpa Records music archives. He rubbished the claims that maybe people are reading too much in the pages of Grandpa Records. In the interview, Refigah himself said he is in the music industry to stay. That maybe fans and the media read too much from the public when he is with the politicians but how come when he is with farmers is he eyeing being a farmer too?

Grandpa records have launched the latest Dear X music performed by artist Mary page. Music the record label took its time to mold Mary page, her sassy voice likely took two years nurturing. Grandpa records CEO Rafigah said they have never seen a lady with such patience in music and truly her patience has paid for the Grandpa records latest dear X song.

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Dear X is music that is blended with mostly English lyrics and Swahili. Rafigah said that the competitors should be ready for competition in the year 2018. Rafigah is one of the wealthiest record label owners in Kenyan entertainment history.  Grandpa record is worth ksh 36 million, Rafigah added that the record label is here to stay and many will be rude in shock as the label nurtures new talents. He later asked the talented artist not to be scared and hide their talent.  “Let them come up and approach Grandpa records and Grandpa ideas will help to bring their talent to fruition. The song dear X is already out, grandpa is working on the music video.


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