Effects of pesticides in food

effects of pesticides in food

Pesticides are chemicals that are used to destroy and prevent pests. In addition, effects of pesticides in food can occur when these chemicals are also used in food production to prevent the spread of crop pests, weeds, bacteria and fungi. Since these chemicals are prepared to kill pests which are living organisms, then it means they are also harmful to human beings and other animals too.

ways on effects of pesticides in food

When pesticides are used to control pests and weeds in agriculture, some little amounts of these pesticides remain in the farm produce. This is the major cause of the pesticides being found in food substances. Pesticide production has to follow strict regulations in order to ensure that these chemicals will not ultimately harm human being when they consume farm products.

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In the recent past, there were some agricultural chemicals that were in use, could remain in the soil and water for so many years which may cause some effects of pesticides in food This meant that even if the chemicals were not used on some plants, these plant would still absorb up the pesticides from the soil or water. Likely, another cause of pesticides residues being found in food. Though the use of these long-lasting and toxic chemicals has been banned, some people still use them.

Use of pesticides in food production is both beneficial and also harmful at some point. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantage if pesticides in food production.
Benefits of pesticides in food production

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Over the years, even when effects of pesticides in food is becoming a challenge, science has been brought tremendous developments in agriculture. Scientists are always looking for ways in which they can improve agricultural production to increase the productivity per unit area of land. One of the methods issued to increase food production is pesticides that control pests and weeds.

Pests can damage crop production if they are not controlled. Some of the pests destroy crop when it is on the farm while others destroy stored food. Controlling pest and weeds manually can be very expensive and can drastically reduce farm profits. In order to maximize profits, pesticides can be applied to eliminate pest and weeds effectively.
When pests and weeds are controlled effectively, agricultural production increases hence improving food security. In addition, quality of farm produce is also enhanced significantly.
Shortcomings of using pesticides in food production.

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Though pesticides have significant benefits in food production, they have some effects of pesticides in food on health risk issues. When pesticides are used on food crops, some residues of the pesticides are carried on in the production of these crops. Consequently, human beings absorb these residues when they consume food that was produced using pesticides, a daily body detox can keep you healthy.

Pesticides residues are known to cause various health problems and some of them can be very extreme. Continued use of food with pesticides makes the residues to accumulate in the human body. It when the amount get to toxic levels that the effects start becoming visible.

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Some of the health problems associated with pesticides in food include cancer, obesity, diabetes, autism and birth defects. Some pesticides have also been linked to weakening of the immune system by destroying white blood cells in the body. Pesticides have also been known to contribute learning problems in young children. This is because some pesticides cause damage to brain cells and inhibit brain development.

Pesticides are good when used in the proper amount to control pests but effects of pesticides in food can be controlled. Only pesticides that have been around by the regulatory authority should be used to avoid excess pesticide residues in food.


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