David Ndii Released by Keriako Tobiko Intervention

David Ndii waiting to be released

It has been evidenced that David Ndii has been released through a bond by directors of Prosecution Keriako Tobiko intervention. The NASA strategist was released after being taken to Milimani law court where he spent the better day of Monday. pewa.co.ke has learned that the arrest came after NASA has appointed David Ndii to be in charge of swearing of NASA front leader Raila Odinga. The former premier who has reported that he will be sworn in on 12 December.

David Ndii was arrested on Sunday when he was in Kwale county for a family wedding. After hours of his a rest Director of Prosecution Keriako Tobiko requested David Ndii to be released immediately after the flying squad had been reported to have arrested him in Kwale county.

The DDP also requested the files of the resultant injuries be forwarded to his office for appropriate directions once the investigations are complete.



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