Colon cleanse diet drink for weight loss

Colon cleanse diet drink for weight loss

In this modern society you encounter daily activities and either external or internal toxins in a way or another get into your body. You clean your body daily, but when was the last time you had a colon cleanse diet drink. Your daily diet drink for weight loss is not essential if you ignore colon cleanse.

Sugar consumption reduces the body immune system, weakening the body organs that may cause bloating, fatigue, weight gain and constipation among more problems to your body. Awful diet cause accumulation of toxins in your body and when your colon cannot do its routine function of eliminating waste products from your body. Then your colon will absorb the waste products, toxins into your body.


What are the dangers of  you not performing a colon cleanse while on a diet drink for weight loss?

You cannot live without your colon unless you need to wear a bag outside your body to collect stool. You don’t want this to happen, right? When your colon cleanse is ignored, it might reach in the state of using the outside colon bag.

When on a weight loss plan and colon cleanse is ignored then it is same as work not done. You are about to realize the best simple drink for weight loss and result same on colon cleansing. You are to losing 20 pounds or 9 kilograms within 3 weeks on drink for weight loss. But what is the function of the large intestine?

Function of Large intestines /colon

  • Elimination of waste from the body
  • Process waste products from the body and eliminates.
  • Re-absorption of food nutrients that we eat and drink.
  • Absorption of vitamin that are manufactured by colonic bacteria
  • Storage of the stool matter till it is discharged.
  • Recycling nutrients like the fermentation of carbohydrates , fatty acids.

How to prepare Colon cleanse drink and weight loss


  • One spoon ginger powder
  • 1 piece  Lemon
  •  A cup of hot water


Boil water to 100 degrees. Pour in a cup and mix the ginger powder in hot water and stir to mix.

Cut the lemon into two parts and squeeze the lemon juice in water. Stir and take immediately.

Take 3 cups daily for 90  days

Benefits of Colon cleanse drink

  • Help to ease digestion
  • Help to boost appetite.
  • Revive energy and boost mood.
  • Create alertness in the

What to avoid when taking a drink for weight loss


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