Bodies of Al-Shabaab found on AP camp

3 bodies of Al-Shabaab found in Kenya soldier camp

Security agents have confirmed bodies of three bodies of Al-Shabaab fighters found on police camp in Kutulo, in foiled attack on AP camp.A section of Al-Shabaab fighters tried to attach the AP camp on Thursday night, but they were repulsed and they fled into a nearby thicket where exchange of gun fight ensued.


The local commander Stephen Ngetich said a patrol team later found three bodies of the attackers in the thicket near the Kenya Somali border. he said “We are still patrolling the area to see if there are more bodies .” Mr Ngetich said. The attackers who invaded the special forces camp  were Al-Shabaab. The force which is a combat of elite officers drawn from the Administration police, mainly the Rabid Development Unit and the rural boarder patrol unit exchanged tactical skilled fire fight that brought the three Al-Shabaab fighters down. The militants seemed to have move from Mandera to Wajir where there have been persistent attacks in the recent months.

Previously in Wajir, the attackers have been targeting communication masts. At least 5 communication masts have been attacked in less than a month. And it is believed that the bodies of Al-Shabaab killed are among those who have been involved in targeting communication masts.

Terror attack has been decreased through the construction of a border wall in Mandera. The wall already covers 10 km and plans are underway to increase the area covered to 18 km.

The exact cost of constructing the 700 km wall has not been disclosed by the government, though officials say it will comprise a concrete barrier with observation post, surveillance station and CCTV cameras.

The North Easter region commissioner Mohamud Saleh said with only 10 km of the wall in place, the Madera incidents of attack has decreased by 90%
“They used to attack and run to Somalia but since the wall was erected, the incidents are now almost zero.” he said

He however described the stretch from Arabia to Kotulo as “volatile”, explained that Al-Shabaab operatives were using the area to attack vehicles, plant landmines, target security and destroy commutation mast before retreating back to Somalia.The fast track of the security wall will completely block the militants from entering to Kenya.”

The security wall will stretch from Indian ocean to Kenya – Somalia – Ethiopia border convergence point.Which will help bring more bodies of Al-Shabaab down and thus end of the terror group.


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