Bad news how Facebook can still spy on your deleted Facebook accounts


Facebook can still stalk on your privacy, this is whether you are online, offline or deleted your Facebook accounts. It can be a bad news for everyone who values their privacy. From tech study, study that investigated how apps like Facebook and twitter can follow people who don’t even use social media site, saw Facebook admit to a number of privacy blunders that exposed tens of Millions of users.

In nature of human behavior shows deleting your account is not enough on your privacy.  Many users simply deleted their Facebook accounts – their hope of regaining control over privacy. Shocking enough is like Facebook saying “we can see you“

But how this is possible is one mind boggling question to many. Data scientist were able to predict a person’s post without ever looking at their profile.

Researchers were able to use the information from twitter messages of 8 of 9 of a person’s contact and then predict that person’s later tweets. How? Well,

Friends can still provide about 95% of the potential predictive accuracy. When you are giving up information you are giving up your friends too.  Reverse the cycle is still the same.  You alone you don’t control the privacy in social media but your friends have a say too.

So are you still thinking of deleting your Facebook account when Facebook can still spy on your deleted Facebook account?

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Source: CNN live.


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