African Vitenge Wear

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African Classic wear Vitenge
African Vitenge Classic Wear

African vitenge are the ambition of many as far as print wear is concerned. Africa has come back with a passion for their classic wear; fashion is rising and even Westerns are looking into the classic prints from Africa.  Soon, gone will be the times when suits will be for a wedding because a sweet luring touch is back to the roots of Africa and none wants to be left behind on the African Vitenge classic wear.

Courtesy of Instagram.
African Classic wear Vitenge
Courtesy of Instagram.

Kitenge is a Swahili word for African classic wear (Vitenge -Many), an African fashion that is now the modern way of dressing is turning heads in the fashion industry. One thing that is certain, there is a special uniqueness in the African Vitenge fashion. A touching effect of simple design can be reached with the same choice of print wear. One can choose a design that is best for the whole family, by this I mean from kids to couples. African Vitenge goes with the choice of print wear that matches the shoes and the type of fabric material.

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One can include the same handbag in the design style. Surprisingly many still hold on to suits even to a traditional occasion when there is classic wear African Vitenge.  The uniqueness of African fashion is the design that fits with the occasional one is attending.

What makes African Vitenge Classic and special?

  • The choice for a wedding design is a surety.
  • Design for couples retreat is best for a match as you dress in ones.
  • Babies and children can have their best fit design.
  • The choice of design is satisfying because the tailor is ready for your measurement.
  • When the need for changes in the African Vitenge wear rises one has priorities to walk into the tailor for a fitting wear.
  • African Vitenge are unique for the church, Friday board meetings, Women chamas, weddings etc.
  • As long as one knows measurements a surprising gift can be memorable to a loving one.
  • When a desire to win attention is in the plan, African Vitenge will never disappoint. Take these words to the bank.
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When people like suits, try being unique with African Classic Kitenge Wear and a memorable impression will be forever created.

I wish to try African Vitenge wear, how can I get them?

Good question. Not all African Vitenge are genuine, there are some that are not durable and are copy of what the fabric is. Here you can get more designs and choice of Classic Vitenge African wear.

African Classic wear Vitenge
Courtesy of Instagram.
Courtesy of Instagram.

Classic print wears Vitenge are sweet with special fashion for both ladies and gentlemen. Men can have their trousers same with a top. Ladies can have top different with a skirt but same with the handbag. Shoes can also find a great fashion blend for ladies. Ladies can mix a fashion style with head wrap similar to handbag while the dress suit is different. Men can do a fashion of suits with sandals for the weekends. African Vitenge classic print wear is the way to be unique and create memorable heads turning in town.




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