2018 Best valentines gift for her

Best valentines gift for her

As the Valentines Knocks in you need to be perpetrated with best valentines gift for her, in a sweet surprise that will leave a scar of love and memories for life no matter what. Pardon me, I forgot to say that ladies adore gifts and it touches their emotional feeling that they will live to tell it the whole day, don’t ask why or how? Come on, am a woman who wants to share the valentines presents, a secret that touches ladies to the core.

Of course, I have experienced it with my husband so keep reading. Oh no, the problem comes when choosing the best gift for someone who doesn’t even know what her woman loves. Here I share with you valentines present for her and remember I said it will leave a mark? Yeah sweet scar forever in her, forever because that is what it will do, hello keeps reading.

Whether you are mind-boggling on a cheap valentine’s gift for her or just an expensive valentine gift pause think no further because what you present will determine how you present it. Should I repeat that?

What you don’t know is a woman who loves her man thinks of him always please try to remember that, so you need to hit a mark showing her that you also think of her. Now let’s get things deep to the point, Valentine’s day is not just a day you want to let go like other dinner dates, family luncheon or a shopping spree no. It is a day she wants to see a difference because it comes once a year. Other days can be similar but valentine’s day must knock all days off with distinct, good you got that. Don’t think a unique gift is all that makes her valentine superb. Well, maybe but the unique way you present that gift is what will echo it all and I am sure that is what you are looking for. I will not say keep reading because you are almost half done so I will say let’s wind up. Right?

Did you know that when you were about to search valentines gift for her she had searched valentines gift for husband, valentines gift for him thrice more than you? Now you know. Well, a woman or a lady needs nothing planned in her knowledge because “To generalize on women is dangerous.To specialize in them is infinitely worse” Surprise is all we love so don’t plan on something before a woman. The best valentines gift for her is first is that surprise okay?

Before that valentines gift, allow me to share that a woman we might not be similar but we are similar. What she wants is what I want and a woman can get another woman’s man but rarely can a man get another woman’s man to keep unless otherwise.


So here are something’s you need to know before making that valentine gift work. As women we are miserably in dire need of:

Appreciation – so next time you meet her appreciate her cooking your food, appreciate her ironing your clothes washing them yeah appreciate, appreciate.

Be a good listener – When she talks just listen then comment later.

Please her in bed – she will live to remember that and even will do almost all things that you want. Reason? Because you please her in bed.

Cook for her -If there is one thing we smile when is being prepared is food. We adore a man who gets in the kitchen to cook. If you ask a woman about this and she says no. She is lying. Getting in the Kitchen does not turn you to be a woman either will it.

Kiss her and cuddle her at times-we love it when this event happens to touch her when she is cooking stroke her swing her in your arms she will thank you later.

Dominate her– your real side of maleness comes when you dominate over her sometimes, sizzle her to know different times, get me right I didn’t say bull her or command her around but dominate her by revealing the male character ins you when necessary not always being spongy you get it right. Now after having put all this is packed, then you need the right plans for the best valentines gift for her. Without the above you are likely to fail, at least one is good to go.

 Best ideas valentines gift for her

Ladies wallet – we love them and the choice of color will surprise us, so keep her color of choice.

Pieces of jewelry – we love jewelry and when we put on them we feel a touch of our man around us with us.

Classic wristband designed- Design a  unique wristband with some writings on it.

Shoes – oh yea did I say shoes hope I just did again. Her size of shoes will win her heart to you.

Women vest and sexy lingerie – come on something you need not to forget, she will remember you with that valentines gift idea.

A decorated mug or coffee cup– let it be white with some red writings, go for something like “ I love you to the moon and back. I have one fine designed one and I still remember the valentines gift to date.

Dinner with the word will you marry me – only if you are ready to join the castle because marriage is like a cattle that those who are out want to be in and those who are in want to be out. And the best thing is that once you are in it is better to be in forever.

Some creative ways for her valentine gift

  • Being creative is one thing you must because it will win her. Ever though like being in the shower and pretending that you have forgotten a towel and you call her to get one for you only to find you with the pop-up question?
  • Prepare her coffee or that soya drink and dip the ring in her coffee then let her realize it.
  • Now you are getting creative as you read this, right? Send uber to pick her up to a place on dinner for two.
  • Send couriers to deliver valentines gift for her.
  • Having the capacity to have that free time for her we count it as a gift and by the way, must a gift be the only presentation of something? My son has expertise in public speaking. Is that not a gift? You have valentines gift for her make it work. No more keep reading you know why, happy valentine’s day.


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