2 suspected thugs shot dead in Nairobi

thugs shot in Nairobi
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Thugs shot dead in Nairobi earlier today a police who was on his way to work witnessed how thugs in groups were harassing pedestrians by snatching phones and wallet from their pocket and running into the busy crowd. Nairobinas had reported on how insecurity is on high within Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) and demanded the governor Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko to take action.

Reports by the Nairobians state that there is day theft that includes women being snacked their wigs from their head, earrings forcefully removed from their ears. Men were not left out in the bizarre as they were also attacked by a group of young men who engulf and rob pedestrians.

No place is safe that includes banks, the thugs waylay outside the bank. Following the complains, Sonko promised Nairobians that he will have a way to eliminate the thugs. The suspected thugs were shot at Haile Selassie road close to Kenya Polytechnic and another one shot at globe cinema roundabout.

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The thugs shot dead in Nairobi follows a hunt for goons who are increasingly in CBD and police promise Nairobians not to stop as a new dimension is in plan hunting for the goons and thugs. One person was injured in the shootout event and other thugs escaped.



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